Activ8me Reach 20,000 Installed nbn™ Sky Muster™ Customers

November 24, 2016 4:21 pm

Activ8me_20,000 SKy Muster installations
The National Broadband Network’s largest Sky Muster™ satellite provider Activ8me has connected its 20,000th customer to the Sky Muster™ satellite service. Activ8me is the first provider to reach this milestone, doing so only two months after connecting its 10,000th customer.

“nbn™’s rate of install has been phenomenal, and they are constantly improving on their install numbers each week. We are very happy with the rate our customers are getting connected, especially since their locations are widespread across the country.
The nbn™ have been installing most Sky Muster orders within 30 days of the order being submitted by Activ8me. All new customers who place an order with Activ8me are now submitted to nbn for install straight away, no longer having to wait to be installed with a Sky Muster service as nbn have cleared most of Activ8me’s backlog.”

Activ8me CEO Tony Bundrock.

Sky Muster™ offers improved speeds and data allowances over older satellite technologies and 3G mobile broadband. A large proportion of Sky Muster™ customers are in areas with patchy and unreliable mobile coverage, or none at all. This makes Sky Muster™ an essential service with no other form of internet coverage available.

“Mobile 3G and older satellite services can’t match Sky Muster in terms of speed or data allowance, which is what makes the service so attractive for regional and rural Australian’s without fixed line broadband options. Sky MusterTM can reach speeds up to 25/5Mbps which is equivalent to metro broadband services”

-Activ8me Marketing Manager Ian Roberts.

nbn™ have connected around 50,000 Sky Muster™ services to date with capacity on the satellite able to accommodate 200,000 customers, and Activ8me plan to have 25,000 customers installed by the end of the year.
The nbn™ launched a second Sky Muster™ satellite on October 6, providing additional capacity and allowing for another 200,000 connections.
There are around 400,000 premises eligible for Sky Muster™ satellite — If you are yet to sign up to a Sky Muster™ service with Activ8me, you can do so by calling 13 22 88. All orders are submitted directly to nbn™ so there are no delays getting a service installed. If you would like more information on the nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service you can visit

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