The Tech Savvy Home

February 26, 2014 5:29 pm

Nothing beats a home that not only looks good in pictures, but also works beyond expectations. Thankfully, with all the technologies that we have today, having a tech savvy home is not so hard to have.

Tech Savy Home

Get a wireless printer server that will allow you to connect your printer to a wireless network in your home. You can print any document whenever and anywhere in your house for as long as the printer is connected to an outlet. No need to let your printer gather dust too on your desk.
Drop the keys and go with a complete remote access and keyless door entry into your home. Instead of assigning and duplicating keys for every member of the household, you can assign a unique door code instead. Just make sure that remote access and keyless door entry are hard to tamper with and the codes are unique enough not to be guessed by intruders.
Go for automated garage doors that you can control using a remote or manage using a pre-set schedule. You can even apply the same remote control when adjusting your indoor and outdoor lights, internal temperature or thermostat and other ways of controlling the energy that goes in and out of your home.
Lastly, make your home the ultimate definition of a tech savvy residence by having the latest in wireless broadband technology. Just as there are hardly any malls, schools and other commercial buildings without an Internet connection, your home should not fall behind the trend.
Activ8me offers high-speed fibre broadband and fixed wireless technologies that will let you stay connected to the Internet doing what you need to do at any given part of the day. Multiple users with devices, including laptops, tablets, and smart phones can connect to Activ8me Fibre at the same time without the internet speed slowing down on faster speed tiers. This means that downloading and uploading files to the Internet and won’t have much of an effect on those you live with who may be online as well. Activ8me also provides wireless internet and satellite broadband for those living in the rural areas.


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