Telsyte Report on Future of VR Tech For Work and Leisure

March 15, 2017 9:24 am

virtual reality farming
Virtual Simulation is growing in popularity, emerging from days in the not-too-distant past where it seemed incredibly furistic. Virtual Reality (VR) has been a growing trend in gaming over the last few years, and as technology is refined, is being taken up by industries and businesses
In an article report from The Australian, Telsyte Australian VR & AR Market Study released a report that aims to answer whether virtual reality has a future outside of recreational purposes.
According to the study, 216 000 headsets were sold in 2016 with mobile VR taking around 70% share of units sold.  The item making up a majority of this figure is the Sony Playstation VR, a popular piece for many gamers. Most Australians using this technology are aged 16+, and mainly buy Virtual Reality related products for recreational purposes.
Nearly half of all Australian households have a game console, making it an attractive market for VR developers to focus on moving forward.
Telsyte projects that VR penetration will reach by 25% by 2021, based on current attachment rates of headsets to capable smartphones, consoles and high-end gaming personal computers.
Virtual reality technology requires fast and reliable Internet connection to work at it’s best, which is why the National Broadband Network is excited to provide Australia with its high-speed network.

“We’re already seeing examples of innovative businesses developing immersive and high-bandwidth VR experiences outside of gaming to tap into new industries such as healthcare, retail and real estate.”
“The research shows we will continue to see growth in these sectors as more Australian businesses consider a VR strategy to reach their customers in the coming years.”

nbn™ Head of Business Ben Salmon via The Australian

For Australians who want to get connected with their own VR tech, the best cloud enabled experience and immersive gaming is available with fast nbn fibre plans.
It’s interesting to note that this only the beginning for Virtual Reality, with the technology’s predicted peak coinciding with the end of nbn™’s rollout.
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