NBN gets rolled out across Ipswich

October 9, 2014 1:08 am

Residents of Ipswich are expecting to set up their home offices after the National Broadband Network gets rolled out.

“One in 10 Australians would like to work from their home more often if they can get better or faster internet connection”, according to the NBN Co research commission.

Fast home internet connection allows people to start their own home business, for instance, teleporting is primarily the domain of knowledge workers.

“Setting up small businesses at home can strengthen the economy of their city”, says Ipswich Mayor, Paul Pisasale.

“It also potentially introduces greater resilience in the economy through diversification as work from home activities can be carried out by owner-operator businesses,”  Pisasale added.

ipswich For instance, a Goodna resident working in Brisbane travels five days a week in the city could save more than $55 every week by working from home full-time.

For an Ipswich resident who’s currently working and travelling to Brisbane CBD, working from home can save them lots of time and money. If the resident is located at the heart of Ipswich they could save approximately $70 a week.

Stephen Greaves, an Associate Professor in Transport Management at the University of Sydney believes that saving money from transportation costs is not the only major benefit. “For those who do travel there will be less traffic and more seats available on public transport,” he said. “It’s better for you to travel if others aren’t travelling.”

Having more time to spend with the family is also one of the benefits of working from home in preference to spending time travelling, said by Associate Professor Greaves.

“On those one or two days a week that you work from home, you have more flexibility,” he said.

NBN fixed-line service is currently available to homes in parts of Ipswich, Goodna, Redbank, Redbank Plains and Collingwood Park.

Work has started to build fixed-line services in Bundamba, Carole Park, Coalfalls, Gailes, New Chum, North Booval, Wacol, West Ipswich and Woodend.

You can go to NBN Co website to check if your house can get connected to the NBN or you can CALL US NOW at 1800 804 410 or VISIT Activ8me NBN internet service for more information.

“All areas within Ipswich, that currently do not have NBN rollout, are worthy of accelerated broadband deployment to support activities such as teleworking,” Cr Pisasale said.

“Often the ability to take up work from home arrangements is determined by an employer rather than just on the basis of availability of NBN.”

Cr Pisasale said that the rollout should not prioritise some suburbs over others in favour of certain professions.

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