NBN Arrives in the South East: Keith and Millicent

March 9, 2017 8:53 am

The National Broadband Network (nbn™) will commence its roll out in Keith and Millicent, South Australia, this March, meaning fast, reliable and affordable internet will be available for service in the surrounding areas.
Keithkeith map
millicent map
Mount Gambier
mount gambier
As the nbn™ rollout gains steam in SA, the homes and businesses in the South East will be able to experience fast internet through the nbn™’s fixed line service with speeds of up to 50-100Mbps download and 20-40Mbps upload speeds.
Member for Barker Tony Pasin was interviewed by the Border Chronicle about the opportunities that have opened up with the arrival of fast internet from the nbn™. Fast internet brings better productivity and efficiency of operations for businesses while residents can download, stream and conduct online banking through a speedy internet connection at home. The nbn™’s fibre to the node plans is a popular choice for households in Australia.
Tthe network  rollout is gaining steam thanks to the nbn™’s great relationship with the public contractors around the area that helped foster a simplified network construction approach in delivering the nbn™ in the South East. 
A total of 26,300 premises will be switched on to the nbn™ fixed line connection this year to complement the already live areas that are under the nbn™’s fixed wireless and satellite internet services.
Fast nbn™ broadband Internet provides countless benefits for Australians.  Activ8me can provide you with the right advice to connect you to the nbn™. To check availability, go to and enter your address, or speak to our Australian team
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