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Activ8me Corporate is the leading provider of satellite broadband services to businesses in regional and remote areas.

We install satellite-connected public telephones in isolated Indigenous communities, commercial satellite broadband systems in remote mining and medical facilities, and have delivered broadband to customers on tropical islands off Arnhem Land, cattle stations in Central Australia and oil rigs in Bass Strait

Through our strategic alliance with IPSTAR, we are able to offer superior access to state-of-the-art broadband services. We aim to offer the best service at the best price every time.


We provide the fastest, most reliable satellite broadband in Australia.

If you need assistance or would like to discuss a customised solution please call 13 22 88.


Our standard business plans are shown below.

For a customised solution, please phone 13 22 88 .

Our Unleashed business service offers the fastest satellite broadband available in Australia.

Our Unleashed service is available across Australia - if you can see the sky, you can get it.2

Business Plans

Business Unleashed Plans Speed2 Peak Data3 Off-peak Data3 Monthly Cost4
3GB Business Unleashed 2GB 1GB $49.95
6GB Business Unleashed 4GB 2GB $69.95
9GB Business Unleashed 6GB 3GB $89.95
15GB Business Unleashed 10GB 5GB $139.95
24GB Business Unleashed 16GB 8GB $189.95
30GB Business Unleashed 20GB 10GB $229.95
45GB Business Unleashed 30GB 15GB $329.95
60GB Business Unleashed 40GB 20GB $429.95
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Excess data is charged at $0.05 per mb. Every mb over plan usage counts towards excess usage.

Things you should know:

  1. Assumes clear line of sight to satellite.
  2. Unleashed speeds measured using independent party - . Top speeds may not be available in certain remote areas. Unleashed speeds are determined by capacity of the equipment and are not set by Activ8me unless shaped.
  3. Business hours usage time (peak data) is 8.00am-5.00pm, out-of-hours usage time (off-peak data) is 5.00pm-8.00am (Sydney time). Excess plans: once monthly data allowance is reached, excess data charged at $0.05 per MB.
  4. Total minimum costs over 12 months (excludes installation and set-up costs): 3GB - $599.40, 6GB - $839.40, 9GB - $1,079.40, 15 GB - $1,679.40, 24GB - $2,279.40, 30GB - $2,759.40, 45GB - $3,959.40, 60GB - $5,159.40. Early contract termination fees apply.



Alternatively, call now on 13 22 88 to check availability and place your order.

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