Great News For Residents in Mossman, North QLD As High Speed nbn™ Broadband Expands Footprint

November 24, 2015 11:56 pm

The nbn™ rollout is gathering pace in North Queensland. nbn™  Fixed Wireless will shortly be available for the areas around Mossman that includes Julatten, Julatten South, Miallo, Mount Molloy, Mowbray and Newell Beach. For 1,225 premises, the wait will soon be over as these areas are scheduled for activation towards the end of November.
Activ8me CEO, Tony Bundrock is witnessing increased demand for nbn™ Fixed Wireless in previously underserviced regional areas.
“Areas that have suffered from satellite latency issues and poor ADSL connections now have a robust faster alternative with nbn™ Fixed Wireless solutions. This will mean significantly faster access to online content, fast connectivity, mutilple devices connected at the same time and unlimited bandwidth packages across these new coverage areas,” he added.
Residents can connect to the nbn™  for as little as $39.95 per month through Activ8me.
To access nbn™  Fixed Wireless, a small antenna is installed on the premises to pick up the signal from a fixed wireless tower. The current  nbn™  Fixed wireless service, which operates via radio signals instead of cable infrastructure, offers speeds up to 25/5Mbps.
The interactive map for the  areas around Mossman (below) shows the expanded reach of fixed wireless. The brown shaded areas on the map show nbn™ Fixed Wireless service areas going live (Nov). The violet shaded area is already live and ready for residents to connect.
For more details on the coverage areas visit our interactive map:
Petros Mak, a resident living in the small town of Brim, Victroria, discovered Activ8me’s nbn™ Fixed Wireless service and seamlessly switched within a day of installation to the new services featuring unlimited bandwidth on the fastest speed.
Moving to nbn™ Fixed Wireless with Activ8me has allowed Petros Mak, owner of MAK-Corp to increase productivity and enjoy a dramatically enhanced connectivity experience. “Our productivity has accelerated. Doing my work related tasks is now 6-8 times faster. I am also reliant on quality Skype calls. As a home user, the ability to stream videos on Youtube and especially the online gaming experience has been perfect. I am grateful that Activ8me was so proactive at advising me when fixed wireless would be available and explaining the dramatically different service that would be expected,” Petros said.
Activ8me has a strong history in providing telecommunications services to regional Australia and understands the essential reliance they have to reliable and robust service.
“We are committed to helping accelerate and enable the benefits of high speed broadband connectivity for rural and regional  communities and businesses. Fast broadband is critical to the success of regional businesses, education, medical providers and providing the glue that fosters a connected and productive regional community,” Tony Bundrock said.
Residents in the regional towns and surrounding areas of Mossman can find out more information on NBN Fixed Wireless service areas and plans by contacting Activ8me on 13 22 88 or going to:

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