Eero, the home Wi-Fi game changer you've been waiting for

June 19, 2016 10:49 pm

eero home wifi system australia
Struggling with spotty Wi-Fi speeds and coverage at home? Eero can help end those Internet woes.
Designed with convenience in mind, this new Wi-Fi system is so easy to install that you can be up and running in a minute or two. Although it has a steep price, it makes up for its worth by dramatically extending the range of your wireless network and easily connects all your mobile devices without compromising speed.
Key Features
Eero is dubbed as the world’s first home Wi-Fi system. It aims to improve on the standard wireless connection by establishing a mesh network of connected routers that can be controlled using a smartphone.
It consists of a set of three access points creating a seamless Wi-Fi network that can cover a large area with reliable Internet access. They work in perfect unison to deliver fast and stable Wi-Fi connection. It is simple to set up, easy to manage, and gets better over time with new features and improved performance. The devices run diagnostics, automatically download security fixes, and send weekly digests about network activity. Set-up is simple: just plug the first one into your cable or DSL modem to a power source, spread the rest around dead spot areas near power outlets, then manage the network with a mobile application.
Eero CEO Nicholas Weaver said, “Eliminating dead zones is a cinch, since the system is distributed. Each device covers about 1,000 square feet and three usually do the trick.” Weaver assures that “Should anything go wrong, which is unlikely, there’s no need to get up and hit ‘restart.’ The device will reboot itself.”
How Does It Work?
According to Weaver in his interview with, “the way we designed the Eero system in general is that it’s a distributed system that runs in your home, and the system we use to deliver that experience is also a distributed system. It distributes the load of clients, updates, and runs diagnostics across the units in your home. We also have a cloud with a distributed architecture and that’s what allows the Eero networks to update and configure themselves automatically,” Weaver explained.
The three Eero units are enough to cover a regular mid-sized home including the backyard. The main Eero unit simply connects via cable to your modem using the Gigabit-fast WAN port and the other units are simply placed in power sockets around the house. As soon as they are  plugged in, they automatically band together into a single network and transfer data between them, giving you the same equal speeds in every area of your house. The Eero can switch between regular 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies to support your multiple devices.
Great Benefits
Admin Control – If you are paranoid about people hacking into your network or simply prefer reports on Internet activity you can later examine, you can easily do that using the ‘Weekly Digest’ feature. It gives you a comprehensive report related to the Wi-Fi activities and only the administrator has access to this data.Full control over your network is done via a cloud-based single app. All you do is download it on your iOS/Android device and it connects to your Eero units via Bluetooth. Another benefit to the cloud system is that it automatically does routine checkups and updates, as well us improves security. The whole system has minimal maintenance.
Minimalistic Design – A single Eero is around 5×5 inches (12x12cm) and with its simplistic design it should be suitable for most interiors. When it comes to internal mechanics, it comes with 512MB RAM memory, 1GHz processor, and 1GB storage space. The presence of multiple nodes helps prevent the network from overloading. As more devices connect and as they stream more data, the distributed Eero system keeps any one device from becoming too saturated.
Simple Management – Eero makes password management simple. People joining the network are split into three groups: “owners,” “users,” and “guests.” Owners have full administrative rights, users can invite guests, and guests solely can access the network. Users can simply be added through the accompanying Eero app. For anyone who wants to join the network who doesn’t have the app, an owner can easily text them the password.
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