Agriculture Growth and Sustainability Will Need the Aid of Digitisation

October 21, 2016 11:20 am

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Agriculture in Australia is about to be digitally upgraded.
This comes as great news for people working in the Agriculture industry because according to Delimeter, the country is planning to give digital agricultural technology a boost, since it sees it as a critical component in developing the industry by 2030.
The plan was revealed in a new StartupAUS report titled, “Powering Growth: Realising the Potential of AgTech for Australia,” which made suggestions and recommendations that aim to grow the agricultural technology sector by giving producers more information and tools to help them improve productivity and sustainability.
Although the report said that there are many factors to do this, they see three main components required to make the Australian AgTech industry its peak: capital, direction and connectivity.
Connectivity in Australia has seen massive development in recent years as the National Broadband Network is working double time for their roll-out. The roll-out is already bringing positive change to a wide range of industries, which is why it comes as no surprise that StartupAUS identified “connectivity” as a major driving influence when it comes to helpiong the AgTech industry reach its full potential.
The report also said that an individual and separate fund must be made specifically for AgTech to make it more affordable for producers. It’s no secret that technology can be quite expensive, but usually the pay-off is worth it.
Since Australia aims to become a “food bowl” for countries with emerging middle-class populations such as Asia and Africa, the country needs to be a leader when it comes to agricultural technology.
All in all, with the nbn™ roll-out in full bloom and the two launched satellites in orbit named Sky Muster™, rural and regional Australia’s AgTech designs will be getting a boost with a much more reliable internet service that will serve as a backbone for telecommunications powered applications and systems.
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