Advantages of VOIP for your home

July 16, 2015 9:24 pm


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VoIP stands for Voice over IP and businesses of all sizes and from various industries have embraced it as a useful communication system that utilises the Internet to let people make phone calls. It’s somewhat similar to Skype, but with a whole lot of other features.
Other benefits of VoIP:

  • It’s portable
  • It has call transferring, call conferencing, voicemails, multi-phone groups, hold music, and many other “big business” phone system features.
  • It is low-cost

So, how will a VoIP benefit YOU exactly?
If you are a home-based small business owner, you can significantly reduce your call costs with a VoIP phone system.  It will also enable you to get a second phone line minus the cost and commitment associated with telephone line rental.
You will also have the option to get as many inbound numbers as you’d like – one for sales, another for support, etc.
Likewise, if your current phone system does not support call queuing or hold music, you can finally get those features with a VoIP. Routing calls to specific extensions including mobile and landline phones automatically will also be made possible.
Apart from lower acquisition and installation fees, VoIP call costs are much lower, too. Not only are VoIP phone plans cheaper in the long run, they also offer more flexibility for small and big businesses alike.

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