Almost 100,000 homes about to reach NBN cut off date

January 10, 2018 4:36 pm

Close to 100,000 homes and businesses in Australia may reach the end of January and discover their existing ADSL network is no more, as their timeline to join the NBN comes to an end leaving them without internet or phone connections.

The National Broadband Network has a goal to offer a connection to all Australian addresses by 2020, and is currently on track to achieve their mission as they continue their rollout across the country.
Once an address is eligible to be connected to the National Broadband Network (largely through Fixed Wireless or Fibre technologies), the NBN gives a period of 18 months before previous older technology is disconnected. has claimed there are 95,590 properties currently in NBN ready areas that haven’t yet been connected to the new network, leaving their landline phones and existing internet services at risk of being disconnected soon.

The NBN have revealed that over 3 million premises were activated in December, with 6 million others ready to be connected to the new network across Australia.
The at-risk homes are largely in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, with their 18 month period of grace from the NBN coming to a rapid end this month.

“For those yet to make the switch, it’s important to know that accessing services over the nbn network is not automatic. If people want to maintain their landline phone and internet access they need to contact their preferred phone and internet provider”

-An NBN spokesperson, as quoted to

Those who have waited til the last minute to make the switch are still able to connect to the NBN by contacting Activ8me on 13 22 88.
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