Mobile Broadband FAQs

Connecting To Activ8me Mobile Broadband

How Do I Sign Up For Mobile Broadband?
To sign up for mobile broadband you can do so by clicking the 'Buy Now' button on the Mobile Broadband page. Fill in the information required to start the sign up process.  

Billing & Charges

How am I billed?
Mobile Broadband is billed in advance at the start of the billing month. You will be charged your monthly plan fee as we as any excess data usage you have accrued (if applicable).  
How do I nominate an authorised account representative?
To add a nominated representative to an account the account holder must call support or accounts on 1300 760 219 and request to add an authorised representative to the account. This will allow the authorised representative to speak to the accounts and support department in future without requiring confirmation from the account holder. Alternatively a signed letter can be sent by the account holder nominating an authorised representative via fax or post.  
Is there a set-up fee?
You will be charged for the USB modem if you have selected a no contract term ($99.00) as an upfront fee. There are no other set-up fees that we charge.  
What Spend Management tools do you offer?
Activ8me currently offer a usage meter that can be downloaded from the 'My Account' section of our website. The usage meter keeps track of how much data you have downloaded and uploaded. We also send a SMS message when your monthly usage is at 50%, 80% and 100% of your monthly data allowance.  
Other charges
For cancelation fees, equipment replacement fee and plan suspension fees, please see below table.  

Activ8me Mobile Broadband Miscellaneous Charges
Sim replacement fee $20
USB modem replacement fee $160
Suspension fee $5 per month
Early Cancellation fees on 12 month contract term
0-6 months into contract term $60
7-12 months into contract term $30
Early termination fee on No Contract term $0


What payment options do you have?
Activ8me currently offers two bill payment methods:

Direct Debit to a Bank Account

Direct Debit to a Credit Card

Monthly tax invoices for all payments direct debited are available under ‘My Account’.
Please note: Any additional fees due to bank dishonour or late payment fee(s) will be charged automatically to your bank account.

General Information

Can I get Activ8me Mobile Broadband?
There is already extensive coverage across Australia which is continuing to grow. When you apply online a service qualification tool will tell you if you have wireless where you live. Our sales staff can advise if you have coverage on 1800 80 44 10.  
What Mobile Broadband network do Activ8me use?
We use the Optus Mobile network so we can offer coverage to over 95% of the Australian population. If you can receive an Optus mobile signal in your area you should be able to use Activ8me Mobile Broadband.  
How does Activ8me Mobile Broadband work?
The USB modem communicates with the same systems used by mobile phones. In rural areas, the modem operates on 900Mhz frequency and in metro areas the 2100MHz frequency from the Dual Band mobile network.  
Can I use Activ8me Mobile Broadband away from home?
Yes, Mobile broadband is highly mobile and is designed to be used anywhere there is mobile broadband coverage. You can use it with a laptop anywhere you can receive Optus Mobile reception.  
Can I use Activ8me Mobile Broadband outside of Australia?
No, we do not offer international coverage on our mobile broadband.  


What are my computer requirements?
Activ8me provides you with a USB modem and SIM card, so all you’ll need is a suitable laptop or desktop computer.
Minimum system requirements:
Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS x 10.4 or above
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above
USB connection (hub not recommended)
100MB free hard disk space
128MB RAM CPU: 133 MHz (500 MHz or above recommended)

Any standard PC bought in the last 5 years which includes a ‘USB port’ is likely to be suitable.  
How do I connect the modem?
We'll send you a welcome pack and it's as simple as plugging the modem into a USB port on your computer. The broadband wireless installation software will automatically load. Be patient, this may take several minutes to load. Once loaded all you need to do is follow the prompts. When installation is complete you can connect to the internet using the new Wireless Broadband icon on your desktop. The first time you connect to the Internet you will be asked to enter the Activ8me SP Code of 777a1. Be careful you only have 1 chance to enter the code correctly.  
Can I use my USB modem on a different computer?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of computers you can use the modem on but you will need to install the modem and the connection manager software on each computer.  
What can I do to improve my wireless signal/reception??
Antennas help increase the signal strength and stability of your broadband signal and are available from Activ8me. They can be purchased at the same time as the USB modem is purchased or can be purchased later through the Activ8me Web Store.  


Do Activ8me provide technical support and assistance?
Activ8me offers FREE technical support to our customers. Our Melbourne call centre is open 8am-9pm on weekdays and 8am-7pm on weekends (AEST).  
I have my own USB modem, can I use this service?
No, you will have to use an Activ8me USB modem to use the mobile broadband service.  
What speeds can I expect?
Average downlink speed between 512Kbps and 3Mbps and uplink speeds between 512Kbps and 1.2Mbps and is only available in selected locations. Many factors affect Wireless Broadband speeds including volume of network traffic, your equipment, location, software and source of your download.  
Are there peak and off-peak hours?
There are no peak and off-peak times on wireless broadband.